Who is Naida?

13879336_554625881412696_6055103333897838120_nNaida is a stay-at-home entrepreneur. Her passion is to help other entrepreneurs grow their small businesses. She used to work as an English tutor to non-English speaking migrants in Australia. She also worked as a Musician at one point. She went to the Philippines, and focused on working as a BPO agent, and got promoted to becoming a Training Officer (her dream job!). She fell in love with training, and worked for 3 years, until one day, things changed for her. She had no choice but to stay home and mind the family. Leaving the BPO industry, she was able to bring with her the skills that she needed to be an effective employee in general. She was never a quitter, she never stopped working, learning and looking for opportunities. She’s never an expert, but she learned a lot from her experiences. She loves to inspire people, and loves getting inspiration from others. Her motto in life has always been, “Invest in people who invest in you.”  This site was created to express her thoughts, and hopefully collaborate with those who share the same thoughts!

Feel free to send her an email at naidanunez13@gmail.com if you wish to know more, and how she can be of help to you.